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  • Crash Team Racing (PlayStation)

    All of the characters from CRASH BANDICOOT are getting their go-karts ready to race. Suddenly, an alien named Nitrous Oxide appears and challenges the characters to a race. If Nitrous wins, he gets to take over the planet. Crash and his friends must win at all costs to avoid falling under the rule of Nitrous. Pick from classic CRASH BANDICOOT characters like Crash, Coco, and Dr. Cortex, each with custom carts, and hit one of the 25 tracks. Jump, power slide, and turbo your way to missiles and bombs you can use to get rid of the opposition. Blast opponents in the arcade and story modes, or form teams and blast the other guys in the battle modes. When you friends start talking trash about your racing style, make up to three of them put up or shut up with versus mode. Play CTR: CRASH TEAM
  • Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (PlayStation 3)

    Hostile aliens and claustrophobia rule the day in Dead Space, a survival horror game in the vein of the classic film Alien. Dead Space takes place in the distant future when Earth's lust for raw materials has extended deep into the galaxy, and giant ships roam the cosmos mining planets for resources. Gamers climb into the spacesuit of systems engineer Isaac Clarke, sent with a team of investigators to the massive USG Ishimura to determine why communications have gone dead. Once aboard, Clarke discovers that the more than 1,000 crewmembers, including his love interest Nicole, all seem to be missing, dead, or transformed into hideous alien mutants. To make matters worse, Clarke's transport ship is destroyed, his fellow investigators are slaughtered, and he is forced to scramble through the Ishimura's labyrinthine corridors weaponless and alone. The game's action takes place from a third-person perspective, and the narrative
  • Digimon World (Nintendo DS)

    When a group of school kids are sucked into Digimon World DS, they must collect and fight with tamed Digimon. In groups of three, gamers travel through several environments to face and defeat over 250 digimon creatures. Players may copy enemies into their personal collection by scanning them before a fight, and then store them in the farm to use at a later date. To keep creatures in tip-top shape, gamers can purchase punching bags and weights by using money earned from monster encounters. Two players may "blend" beasts to create unique digimons, by connecting to a friend and creating a digi-egg. The upper screen on the DS is used to keep track of the order of attack and position of enemies, while the lower screen allows players to select attack orders, healing potions, and other items.
  • Digimon World Dawn (Nintendo DS)

    In Digimon World: Dawn, a computer virus has infected the Digiworld. Gamers begin as a member of the Light Fang team in the Sunshine district. An earthquake with unknown life energy rocks the environment, and the team members who survive place the blame on each other. Players must adventure through the game to discover the entity behind the earthquake and bring peace back into the world. During the journey, they may collect, train, and battle with over 200 Digimon creatures from eight different species. Although players can only travel with six and fight with three, they can house extra animals at the Digifarm. Looking at the world map shows players their current location and where dungeons are located. Exploring each environment allows them to earn cash and experience to improve the effectiveness of both their character and their digital monsters. After players have conquered the game, they can
  • Dino Crisis (PlayStation)

    From the creators of Resident Evil comes Dino Crisis, a survival horror game where players take the role of Regina and battle ruthless Compies, agile Raptors, swooping Pteradons, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dr. Edward Kirk is supposed to be dead. Three years ago while working to establish a new type of energy technology code-named Third Energy, an experiment went awry and terminated the brilliant scientist's life -- or so it was thought. It was recently learned, however, that Dr. Kirk is very much alive and continuing his work at a Borginia Republic research facility on Ibis Island. In order to investigate the situation, an elite special forces team including agents Regina, Gail and Rick was sent. The three expected another routine mission, but what they got was an all-out fight for their lives against an enemy they surely had never been trained to face -- dinosaurs! Luckily, Regina isn't
  • Disney Universe (Nintendo Wii)

    Dress up as more than 40 Disney film characters and battle enemies, leap across platforms, and solve puzzles in Disney Universe. Rather than directly controlling an animated hero or villain from a particular movie, you'll play as a cartoon-like humanoid with a large head, tiny body, and colorful skin tone. Each character must select the costume of a major or minor Disney star, from Mike Wazowski and Stitch to Pumbaa and Nemo. The third-person action involves teaming up with three other friends to defeat enemies while exploring six worlds inspired by animated and live-action films from Disney and Pixar, including Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters, Inc., Wall-E, The Lion King, and Alice in Wonderland. Your goal is to complete a series of objectives that follow the storylines of each featured film. Fallen foes will drop coins that can be used to purchase
  • DK Jungle Climber (Nintendo DS)

    The sequel to 2005's King of Swing on Game Boy Advance, DK: Jungle Climber stars characters and elements introduced in Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country series on the 16-bit Super NES. Diddy Kong now tags along on Donkey Kong's back to help his uncle complete objectives. Once again the action primarily involves using the left and right shoulder buttons to climb on pegboards with Kong's left and right hands. New features include levels spanning two screens in height, additional moves and items, and an assortment of mini-games to unlock. Characters and backgrounds in Jungle Climber are rendered with a 3D effect, mimicking the style used in the Donkey Kong Country series. The single-player adventure mode has gamers guiding both Donkey and Diddy in a quest to stop King K. Rool's nefarious plans.
  • Double Dragon II The Revenge (Nintendo)

    The Double Dragons Billy and Jimmy Lee are back! To defeat the evil Shadow Warriors, the martial arts duo are challenged in 9 incredible missions, facing ruthless street gangs, nunchaku-toting ninjas and giant mutant warriors! The non-stop action winds its way through construction sites, alleyways and underwater hideouts complete with secret elevator shafts, spiked ceilings and razor-sharp mechanical claws! And in a bonus mission, the duo's worst fear becomes reality as they fight the ultimate battle between good and evil. A battle where not only their lives are at stake, but the fate of the entire world!
  • Family Party 30 Great Games (Nintendo Wii)

    As its name implies, Family Party: 30 Great Games is a collection of 30 mini-games designed to be accessible to players of all ages. Gamers can choose to play with a dozen different characters as they take part in a variety of themed games, including: track & field games, playground games, coordination games, carnival games, brain games, and strength games. The "Battle" mode lets players go head-to-head against computer opponents, while the "Challenge" mode pits four friends against one another in competitions to determine the best plate-spinner, soccer player, archer, and rope climber, among other disciplines.
  • Final Fantasy (Nintendo)

    Final Fantasy involves a band of warriors assembled to save the world from the forces of evil. Players create a party of four adventurers and set forth to explore their large world. Characters are selected from six different classes (Fighter, Black Belt, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage), each with its own defining attributes. The Fighter can use almost any weapon or armor, the Red Mage can use some weapons, some armor, and some spells, and the Black Mage can cast powerful battle spells but cannot use most of the armor or weapons. Other classes feature similarly balanced restrictions. Once a certain point in the game is reached, the characters become experts in their current class and change into a more powerful identity (e.g. the Black Mage becomes the Black Wizard). Players can enter towns, buy items and spells, learn clues about their quest, and even
  • Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) Black Label

    Square's Final Fantasy series makes its 32-bit debut with Final Fantasy VII, a role-playing game blending 3D polygonal characters, pre-rendered backgrounds, and animated cut-scenes across three discs. Lead protagonist Cloud Strife's memory is as murky as the quality of life in the city of Midgar, where a resistance movement named Avalanche targets the apparent source of the problem: the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. Cloud will join Avalanche as he seeks to piece together his past, kicking off an adventure spanning three continents. Cloud will intersect with an assortment of characters along the way, including a mysterious, silver-haired adversary named Sephiroth. Gameplay is divided into three distinct phases: travel across a world map; exploration from a close-up view of an area; and a 3D battle screen that pits your party against the enemy. Enemy encounters employ a turn-based, active time-battle system, where players decide to attack, use items,
  • Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)

    Square's acclaimed role-playing series makes its PlayStation 2 debut with Final Fantasy X. Players assume the role of Tidus, an athletic teenager who witnessed the destruction of his home city by an evil entity named Sin. While his life was spared, Tidus' contact with Sin opened a portal through time. Some 1,000 years have passed since the encounter, and Tidus now finds himself in a strange land with unfamiliar faces. As Tidus struggles to find a way back home, he will meet a variety of characters, including Yuna, a girl faced with the daunting task of defeating Sin. Final Fantasy X features a number of new features over previous installments. Backgrounds and characters are rendered entirely in 3D, with real-time facial expressions visible on each character. When characters are surprised, for example, they will raise their eyebrows or open their mouths in astonishment. For the first time
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (PlayStation 2)

    The first official sequel to an existing Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy X-2 continues the story of Yuna as she and two female companions set off on a combat-filled adventure to rescue hero Tidus from captivity. Taking place two years after Yuna's epic battle with Sin, the game also stars Riku and a new character named Paine. Once again actresses Hedy Burress and Tara Strong reprise their roles as Yuna and Riku, respectively, and are joined by Gwendoline Yeo as the voice of Paine. While many of the settings will be familiar to Final Fantasy X players, albeit expanded upon in certain areas, a number of changes have been made to the core game engine. The Sphere Grid used to build a character's class has been replaced with a job system that has characters instantly switching between roles during battle. Jobs are represented by costumes, with each
  • Final Fantasy XII (PlayStation 2)

    The Final Fantasy series' PS2 opus is set in Ivalice, a land of swords and sorcery familiar to veterans of Final Fantasy Tactics. Here, magic and technology coexist, as do humans and other intelligent races such a s the leporine viera and the scaly skinned bangaa. Airships, in the form of high-tech hovercraft, are also common in this land of Ivalice, and players will pilot these sky-speeders for transportation, warfare, and (perhaps) even a little privateering. Character development is designed to be as engaging and empowering as in any Final Fantasy game, and is accomplished by making strategic "license" choices in a chessboard-like graphic interface. Through the game's new "Active Dimension Battle" system, combat progresses in a pause-able real-time flow, offering a sense of action while retaining tactical options. Companion characters can be assigned customizable battle behaviors ahead of time, through the game's "gambit" system. Ashe, the princess
  • Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)

    The Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 fascinates you with various elements from the earlier series like summoned monsters, chocobos, and more. Peace on Cucoon, ruled by the Sanctums, has come to an end and needs to be restored. Choose from the six playable characters and control them to come across many objects, weapons and group of enemies throughout this Xbox 360 game. Turn the camera around and enjoy a 360-degree view of the on-goings in this single-player role-playing game. With powerful weapons and magic, you can carry out dangerous attacks in this Xbox 360 game. The improved Active Time Battle system in this role-playing game lets you carry out several attacks and input commands like attack, magic, and item. Smooth alterations between the actual game play and in-game cinematics offer a visual treat. With exceptional graphics, powerful game play and a strong story to
  • Furu Furu Park (Nintendo Wii)

    Wii gamers get another collection of motion-sensitive mini-games in Furu Furu Park. Featuring 30 arcade-style games, including classics like Arkanoid and Bubble Bobble, as well as original titles like "Pinch Hitter" and "Super Karate," Furu Furu Park is designed to encapsulate the full range of motion possible with a Wii Remote. Single-player modes include Free Battle, which lets gamers try any of the 30 mini-games, and Challenge Mode, which asks players to pick five mini-games and complete them in succession. Players can also grab a friend and compete for fun in Free Play Mode, for the highest score in Challenge Mode, or for the affection of a female in Love Challenge.

Showing 17–32 of 128 Result