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  • 1943 The Battle of Midway (Nintendo)

    Capcom's 1943: The Battle of Midway is the second in the company's series of World War II 2D shooting games, which is sometimes known as the 194x series (1942 was the first and 1941: Counter-Attack was the third). In this game, you take a dual-propeller plane into the skies and do battle against enemy planes and ships over water and through the clouds. Instead of losing a ship each time you're shot and starting the game with three or four planes, you have an energy reserve which is depleted with each bit of damage you sustain. Once the energy meter reaches zero, your game is over. You can replenish it each time you finish a level or by picking up the squares which say "POW" and which float around after you destroy some of the more formidable enemy aircraft. You can also gain power-ups
  • AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (Super Nintendo) SNES

    The AAAHH!!! REAL MONSTERS game is a great side-scrolling action game with cool boss levels. It involves the three main characters from the series - Ickis, Oblina and Crumb, trying to pass their Monster Mid-Term exam. So...go out and petrify someone!!  
  • Ace Combat 3D Assault Horizon Legacy (Nintendo 3DS)

    All-new Pokemon and past favorites come to life with detailed graphics and intense 3D battles. Become a Pokemon Trainer and set out for adventure in a vast and wondrous new region filled with new Pokemon to catch, trade, and battle. In Pokemon-Amie, you can pet, feed, and play with your Pokemon to form a deeper bond, which may benefit you in future battles.Connect and communicate with players around the world at any time. Challenge them to a battle, trade Pokemon, and much more.
  • Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Turn-based battle advances with this sequel to the acclaimed GBA launch title. Like the original, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising features a cast of amiable characters whose cute anime-style belies challenging, strategically complex gameplay. What at first may appear to be a cartoonish "kiddies version" of a PC hex-map war game is actually designed to offer the balance, sophistication, and options to hold the interest of even veteran grognards. Many favorite characters from the original Advance Wars are back in Black Hole Rising. Andy returns to the battlefield, full of youthful exuberance. Sonja, Grit, and Sami reprise their roles as well. Even Nell is back, to offer guidance and encouragement along the way. Sturm, the commander of the Black Hole Army, is threatening to invade Cosmo Land. Players must gather forces and protect the land from his assaults. Advance Wars 2 features new units as well as
  • Advance Wars Days of Ruin (Nintendo DS)

    Nintendo's turn-based military strategy series continues with Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. As the ominous subtitle suggests, the game takes place on a ravaged Earth with civilization teetering on the brink of despair. Meteorites have all but wiped out modern-day conveniences and amenities, with the tattered remnants of two former superpowers vying for control. One vows to protect Earth's survivors, while the other intends on finishing them off. In addition to a bleaker setting filled with sepia toned cut-scenes, Days of Ruin offers four-player online support via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Solo commanders can embark on a story-driven campaign spanning 26 missions, gradually unlocking additional training missions as well as map editor for custom scenarios.
  • Advance Wars Dual Strike (Nintendo DS)

    The popular Advance Wars series is coming to the Nintendo DS. The latest game in the vaunted military tactics series features a new battle system that takes full advantage of the system's two screens. Use the top screen for quick-reference battle intel, or take control in battles that rage across both screens. Command a fleet of fighters high in the skies while troops clash with the enemy on the ground far below. Choose from new Commanding Officers, and combine their powers for incredible attacks that can turn the tide of battles. For a battle with a twist, players lead soldiers into a fast-paced, action-oriented battle against a storm of enemies. The game's acclaimed map editor also returns. Just grab a stylus and draw maps right on the touch screen, then send the maps to friends wirelessly.
  • Amazing Spider Man (Nintendo 3DS)

    Spider-Man finds himself entangled in more web-slinging action on the 3DS with a storyline that takes place after the events chronicled in 2012's feature film. Unlike the previous game, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, The Amazing Spider-Man has the superhero freely navigating New York City. Players will swing across the streets, skyscrapers, and landmarks of the Big Apple in addition to exploring interior locations and battling an assortment of villains. The action is viewed from a third-person perspective, with players able to use a combination of webbing and melee combat moves to neutralize street thugs, weaponized robots designed by Oscorp Industries, and nemeses such as Rhino.
  • Animal Crossing (Nintendo GameCube)

    Dubbed as a "communication game" by Nintendo, Animal Crossing creates a virtual community of which the player is but a single member. Players begin by naming their character and town, and then setting the date before moving into their new Animal Crossing settlement. The town's denizens are talking animals, and the emphasis is placed on making friends and creating a virtual life. By using the GameCube's real-time clock, the game reflects actual time of day or night. Play at six in the morning, for example, and many characters will still be asleep, while others will be getting a jump-start on their day. Holidays are celebrated and the world changes accordingly, with lights hanging on trees at Christmas, for instance. Certain in-game events will only occur at specific times during the day, and some characters will only appear at set intervals. As with everyday life,
  • Animal Crossing City Folk (Nintendo Wii)

    Nintendo's grand, animal-filled sandbox franchise makes its way to Wii gamers in this updated remake of one of the GameCube's most popular titles. Animal Crossing: City Folk retains all of the relaxed rural atmosphere of the original and adds a metropolitan twist, letting players take a bus to the new urban city area, where they can to catch a show at the theatre or go shopping at fancy boutiques. As always, the series unfolds in real time, so gamers can go trick-or-treating at Halloween, build a snowman in the winter, and watch fireworks in the hot summer months. Relationship building remains a crucial part of the Animal Crossing experience in City Folk, as players can befriend their neighbors by exchanging letters, gifts, and favors. As in the GameCube version, up to four gamers can live and work in the
  • Animal Crossing Wild World (Nintendo DS)

    Based on the GameCube version of the title, Animal Crossing Wild World casts players as of the newest resident of a happy little village, populated by friendly talking animals. There is no overarching narrative to push players in a particular direction. Instead of assigning a progressive series of missions or following a linear plot, the game simply sets players free in its virtual community, where they can develop their houses, fashion sense, collections, and relationships with other characters however they see fit. There is plenty to keep players busy in their little towns, however -- more activities than there is time in the day to do them. Players can collect bugs, fish, bones, and other natural items, they can improve their houses, design new outfits to wear, and they can even
  • Animorphs (Nintendo Game Boy Color)

    Players join the Animorphs team to do battle against evil alien invaders in this Game Boy Color release from Ubi Soft, based on Scholastic's series of adventure novels by K. A. Applegate. Armed with the special abilities of monkeys, mice, great cats, or a variety of other animals featured in the game, players must balance their offensive and defensive powers to resist the attacks of the Yeerks, Hork-Bajir, and Taxxon while working towards the ultimate victory that could banish the unwelcome visitors from our planet for good. In a style reminiscent of the ultra-popular Pokemon games, Animorphs features a top-down view of the player's hero as he or she explores large environments and follows the developing story through text-based encounters with other characters. Various animals are found in different areas. The Animorph character can challenge the animals he or she encounters, doing battle in a turn-based mode
  • Anticipation (Nintendo)

    The gameplay is similar to that of a board game, such as Pictionary. The player is represented by one of four game pieces: a pair of high heeled shoes, a horn, an ice cream cone, or a Teddy bear. As the game slowly draws a picture, the first person to buzz in and guess the correct answer moves forward on the game board. The number of spaces the player moves depends upon the number on a dice, which counts down from 6 as the picture is drawn. Once a player correctly identifies a drawing for each of the four categories on a level, that player rises to the next-higher game board level. The first player to complete every level wins the game. There are three levels on the Easy and Medium difficulty settings, and four on the Hard and Very Hard settings. From the third level on,
  • Arkanoid Doh it Again (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Arkanoid: Doh it Again gives the original Arkanoid an audiovisual facelift, while keeping the sweet and simple gameplay intact; guide a tubular ship along the bottom of the screen to deflect a perpetually moving ball into enemies or blocks at the top of the screen, destroying them. Some blocks yield power-up capsules, endowing your ship with shield or laser capabilities, extra lives, lengthening it, and more. A total of 99 levels are included, with nine bosses to defeat, multiple two-player modes and an Edit Mode for creating original levels. The only thing missing is a paddle controller, somewhat hindering the control
  • Armorines Project SWARM (Nintendo Game Boy Color)

    In the future, our world has conquered space. There are outposts throughout the known universe. Thousands upon thousands of outposts help keep us safe from harm and provide us with the supplies and resources needed to keep our world thriving. There is one in particular that now worries the President. The outpost on Venus is quiet, too quiet. All attempts to contact them in the last two weeks have failed. The tracer team that was sent to check it out has yet to report back. Dr. Zahn fears they are all dead or captured by whatever has presumably taken over the Venus outpost. It seems like all hope is lost. More importantly, the Earth may be in danger. The President has ordered General Kendall to send in his best and brightest Armorine. Just one, hell yeah, just one. That's all it takes. The Armorines are the elite of
  • Arthur and the Invisibles (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Players are invited to enter a world of altered perception based on the 2006 film in Arthur and the Invisibles as they take the role of three tiny adventurers working to save the land of the Minimoys from total destruction. Navigating Arthur, Selenia, and Batamache through the environment, players must solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and overcome hazardous obstacles in such gameplay as 3D platforming combined with melee combat, driving, and flying. For example, during a flight sequence Arthur must maintain control as a mosquito transports him to his destination. Each of the three playable characters can make use of different skills including Selenia's cutting ability, and gamers can alternate between avatars in game.
  • Astro Boy The Video Game (Nintendo DS)

    Based directly on the 2009 computer-animated film interpretation of Osamu Tezuka's influential sci-fi cartoon series, Astro Boy: The Video Game is a side-scrolling combat game for Nintendo DS that follows the story of the origin of the mighty robot boy. The game features both traditional indoor platform-style levels and in-air flying shooter levels, as players take control of Astro Boy and his arsenal of futuristic abilities. In his quest to save the world, Dr. Tenma's greatest creation faces an army of robot enemies, both in the mysterious Surface region and back home in Metro City. As he defeats opponents and accomplishes goals, Astro Boy can increase the powers of his weapons and abilities, including his Laser Fingers, Rear Machine Guns, Arm Cannon, and Drill Attack. Voice

Showing 1–16 of 341 Result