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  • Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Turn-based battle advances with this sequel to the acclaimed GBA launch title. Like the original, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising features a cast of amiable characters whose cute anime-style belies challenging, strategically complex gameplay. What at first may appear to be a cartoonish "kiddies version" of a PC hex-map war game is actually designed to offer the balance, sophistication, and options to hold the interest of even veteran grognards. Many favorite characters from the original Advance Wars are back in Black Hole Rising. Andy returns to the battlefield, full of youthful exuberance. Sonja, Grit, and Sami reprise their roles as well. Even Nell is back, to offer guidance and encouragement along the way. Sturm, the commander of the Black Hole Army, is threatening to invade Cosmo Land. Players must gather forces and protect the land from his assaults. Advance Wars 2 features new units as well as
  • Animorphs (Nintendo Game Boy Color)

    Players join the Animorphs team to do battle against evil alien invaders in this Game Boy Color release from Ubi Soft, based on Scholastic's series of adventure novels by K. A. Applegate. Armed with the special abilities of monkeys, mice, great cats, or a variety of other animals featured in the game, players must balance their offensive and defensive powers to resist the attacks of the Yeerks, Hork-Bajir, and Taxxon while working towards the ultimate victory that could banish the unwelcome visitors from our planet for good. In a style reminiscent of the ultra-popular Pokemon games, Animorphs features a top-down view of the player's hero as he or she explores large environments and follows the developing story through text-based encounters with other characters. Various animals are found in different areas. The Animorph character can challenge the animals he or she encounters, doing battle in a turn-based mode
  • Armorines Project SWARM (Nintendo Game Boy Color)

    In the future, our world has conquered space. There are outposts throughout the known universe. Thousands upon thousands of outposts help keep us safe from harm and provide us with the supplies and resources needed to keep our world thriving. There is one in particular that now worries the President. The outpost on Venus is quiet, too quiet. All attempts to contact them in the last two weeks have failed. The tracer team that was sent to check it out has yet to report back. Dr. Zahn fears they are all dead or captured by whatever has presumably taken over the Venus outpost. It seems like all hope is lost. More importantly, the Earth may be in danger. The President has ordered General Kendall to send in his best and brightest Armorine. Just one, hell yeah, just one. That's all it takes. The Armorines are the elite of
  • Arthur and the Invisibles (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Players are invited to enter a world of altered perception based on the 2006 film in Arthur and the Invisibles as they take the role of three tiny adventurers working to save the land of the Minimoys from total destruction. Navigating Arthur, Selenia, and Batamache through the environment, players must solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and overcome hazardous obstacles in such gameplay as 3D platforming combined with melee combat, driving, and flying. For example, during a flight sequence Arthur must maintain control as a mosquito transports him to his destination. Each of the three playable characters can make use of different skills including Selenia's cutting ability, and gamers can alternate between avatars in game.
  • Avatar The Last Airbender (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Based on Nickelodeon's show, fans will play as Aang, Katara, Sokka and Haru as they grow into an unstoppable team utilizing the kung fu-inspired bending arts through the Avatar universe. Players will explore the four Avatar nations and battle new enemies.
  • Backyard Football (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    The popular Backyard Football series touches down for the first time on the handheld system and is intended for players seven and older. Players can choose from 32 professional football teams featuring real pros as kids, or they can create their own stars to play in pickup games, exhibition games or a full season (with statistic tracking). Options include field, logos, weather conditions, and team strategy, as well as three difficulty levels that impact on power-ups, fatigue, and turnovers. Four playbooks offer a variety of offensive, defensive, kicking, and kick return formations and plays. Backyard Football contains 40 pre-designed player "cards" (male and female) with nicknames, a description of each, and specific ability ratings in running, passing, catching, kicking, blocking, and tackling skills. National Football League players depicted as kids include stars like Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Jerry Rice, Michael Vick,
  • Ballistic Ecks vs Sever (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    One of the more critically acclaimed titles of the Game Boy Advance's first generation of first-person shooters gets a sequel in this release. Coming to market around the same time as the feature film on which the first game was based, this second installment continues the storyline from a point when the former FBI agent Ecks and the ex-NSA operative Sever have joined forces to fight corruption around the globe. Arms manufacturers have been spurring international conflicts, to keep weapons sales up. Worse, it appears they may be working with turncoat Secret Service agents who feed them information. Sever travels overseas to seek out suspected "sleeper groups," while Ecks investigates here at home. The two agents will need to rely on wit, luck, and skill, as well as each other, if they're going to stop the wicked plot before it escalates to a true nuclear cataclysm. Artificial intelligence
  • Battle B Daman (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Based on the Japanese TV show, Battle B-Daman tells the story of young Yamato Delgado. Yamato aspires to be a champion of B-Daman, an ancient sport in his home of B-DaWorld. Gamers can choose from three modes of play: "Battle," "Custom," and "Adventure." In "Adventure" mode, players will pick up Yamato's Cobalt blade and compete in tournaments to defeat the B-Daplayers of the Shadow Alliance. "Battle" mode includes 18 playable characters and over 12 battlefields, and "Custom" mode lets players pick who, when, and where to fight. Two B-Daman warriors may engage in simultaneous action through a game link cable.
  • Beyblade V Force Ultimate Blader Jam (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    The second North American release based on the Japanese game of combat with " bei-goma" spinning tops and the first for the Game Boy Advance, this cartridge from Atari features characters, settings, and stories from the associated anime television series. Players can take the roles of favorite Bladebreakers, or of some of the heroic team's most worthy adversaries. Beyblades may be customized in the game's "workshop," and tops may be infused with the extra power of the Bit Beasts. Players have an isometric view of the action as their Beyblade tops spin into battle across a number of precarious platform levels.
  • Bomberman Classic NES Series (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Released in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the hugely influential Nintendo Entertainment System console (which first appeared in Japan as the Famicom, in 1984), the "Classic NES Series" of Game Boy Advance cartridges present accurate versions of original NES games, for play on the handheld. The first title in the popular series, Bomberman puts players in control of the title character as he walks around a playfield, bombing enemies while trying to find the level exit. Each exit is hidden under one of 40 blocks. As the game progresses, enemies become more challenging, but bombs are unlimited and power-ups, such as timed bombs, a fireproof vest, and the ability to walk through blocks, begin appearing to help even the odds.
  • Britney Spears Dance Beat (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    What does a pop superstar do once she's taken over the music world, become a corporate spokesperson, and starred in a feature film? You guessed it: Britney Spears has her very own video game. The teen diva needs some backup dancers for her upcoming world tour, and you just might be the person she's looking for. Tap your fingers to the rhythm of hot Spears singles like Oops, I Did It Again, Baby One More Time, and Slave 4U, trying to prove your worth and unlock some hidden bonuses.
  • Cars (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    In this adaptation of Pixar's Cars, you can race as Lightning McQueen, The King, Doc Hudson, or Chick Hicks and compete in a variety of races such as road, circuit, route, and the Piston Cup for a total of 15 events. Road races take you to the back roads of Radiator Springs for a one-on-one showdown. Win and unlock new playable characters. Circuit Races are held on a variety of surfaces that focus on handling and aggressive driving. Win and earn Boltz relative to your finishing place. At the Piston Cup, you will use all your skills and experience to win this endurance race. Route races are timed and rely on speed to win. Earn Boltz to unlock additional races and new paint jobs. Special driving features include Boost Pads for higher top speeds, patches that slow a car down, powersliding, and
  • Cartoon Network Block Party (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    The second Cartoon Network title released for Game Boy Advance is a multiplayer board game based on the following four animated series: Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Cow and Chicken. As in titles like Mario Party, players take turns moving around one of four boards while competing in mini-games for cash rewards. The goal is to have the most money at the end of competition, at which point the winnings can be used to purchase one of the 21 featured mini-games for standalone play. Mini-games range from racing events to skateboarding competitions, and up to four players can compete simultaneously via the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. John Romero's Monkeystone Games, a company devoted to handheld and wireless platforms, developed the game.
  • Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Crash is back to small-screen platform action in this sequel to The Huge Adventure. Guide the big orange bandicoot through a new storyline that leads through over 40 levels in eight different environments. Make use of new special moves, including the Rocket Jump and Super Slide. Discover the secrets hidden on three new types of crates -- Freeze, Copter, and Magic Carpet -- and learn how to put the powers they unlock to good use. Not only has the dastardly villain N-Tropy has returned, but he's teamed up with the mysterious and mesmerizing N-Trance in an effort to brainwash Crash and his friends into performing his dirty work. Crash must battle against his own best friends to win them back before it's too late. In addition to Crash himself, players can also take the roles of Coco and Crunch through this adventure.
  • Danny Phantom Urban Jungle (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    A powerful new eco-ghost has turned Amity Park into a real urban jungle. Danny Phantom must battle his way through the twisted thorns and monstrous vegetation and learn an all new-freeze power to defeat this evil nemesis. Soar through ghostly 3-D worlds attacking all new enemies in frenzied shooter action. Travel to the Ghost Zone to learn Danny's new Freeze Power. Defeat new enemy Undergrowth as he tries to turn Amity Park into a nightmare of plants and vines. Pilot the Fenton Flier and Danny with new inventions from the Fenton lab.
  • Dinotopia The Timestone Pirates (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

    Based on the Dinotopia book series created by James Gurney, TDK's Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates comes to the Game Boy Advance. This side-scrolling action-adventure features Clayton, a young hero, trying to find the tyrannosaurs' eggs, which have been stolen by pirates, and return them to the tyrannosaur nesting grounds. Armed with a sunstone prod to ward off enemies, players control Clayton and make their way through 20 levels of the make-believe world of Dinotopia. The game's five levels -- Waterfall City, Treetown, Canyon City, Underwater, and Diamond Caverns -- are each broken down into four areas. There are three eggs hidden in every level. After each level, a mini-level called the Tyrannosaur Nesting Area appears and Clayton must return the eggs he has found thus far. Just as the regular levels present enemies, the tyrannosaur level also requires caution. During all levels, players can use the sunstone

Showing 1–16 of 71 Result