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  • Madden Football 64 (Nintendo 64)

    EA Sports continues the bone-crunching NFL action with MADDEN FOOTBALL 64, part of its option-laden football series. You'll find offensive and defensive maneuvers at your fingertips, along with a user-friendly playbook. Put yourself in control of a franchise by signing and trading players, placing salary caps, and setting the playoff ladders of up to 16 teams. Thanks to a license from the NFL Players Association, you'll recognize all the current stars of the gridiron. You can also match today's stars against classic great teams of the past! Your team will face a variety of game situations: day or night, rain or shine. Along with expert commentary by Pat Summerall and John Madden, MADDEN FOOTBALL 64 gives you the highly-detailed graphics and playability you demand. View the game from eight camera angles, substitute players, and select from three skill levels. MADDEN FOOTBALL 64
  • Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64)

    Developer Rare's anticipated first-person follow-up to GoldenEye 007 thrusts gamers into a futuristic world run by an evil corporation called dataDyne. As a field agent for the benevolent Carrington Institute, Joanna Dark is sent to investigate the troubling actions of dataDyne in a series of missions that begins with a mysterious kidnapping and culminates in an intergalactic conflict between two alien races. Joanna's first case involves protecting one of dataDyne's whistle-blowing scientists, who contacted the Carrington Institute for help. Joanna must infiltrate the corporation, find and rescue the frightened doctor, and make it back in one piece. Thus begins the single-player campaign, which features nine missions spanning 17 levels. Dark will equip a number of advanced weapons and powerful gadgets while advancing through otherworldly locales inspired by Blade Runner and other sci-fi films. Perhaps the most notable weapon in
  • Super Nintendo – GameCube – N64 – AV Cable

    This is a Standard Nintendo AV cable.
    Works with the following only systems
    • Super Nintendo
    • Nintendo 64
    • Game Cube
  • WCW NWO Revenge (Nintendo 64)

    This follow-up to 1997's WCW vs. NWO: World Tour features 62 wrestling stars, including such notables as Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page, Giant, and Sting. The action is once again played from a third-person perspective as players use a combination of strong and weak grapples, punches, kicks, and context-specific moves to wear down their opponent. Performing successful attacks, counters, and taunts will gradually fill a wrestler's spirit meter located in the corner of the screen. Once the meter is at full strength, wrestlers will gain momentum and can perform one of five powerful special attacks. Spirit can be lost, however, by receiving damage, spending too much time outside the ring, and losing the crowd's favor. If the meter reaches a danger level, opponents have a better chance of countering and pinning wrestlers. Five modes of play include Championship, Single Exhibition, Tag Exhibition, Handicap, and Battle

Show all 4 Result