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  • 1943 The Battle of Midway (Nintendo)

    Capcom's 1943: The Battle of Midway is the second in the company's series of World War II 2D shooting games, which is sometimes known as the 194x series (1942 was the first and 1941: Counter-Attack was the third). In this game, you take a dual-propeller plane into the skies and do battle against enemy planes and ships over water and through the clouds. Instead of losing a ship each time you're shot and starting the game with three or four planes, you have an energy reserve which is depleted with each bit of damage you sustain. Once the energy meter reaches zero, your game is over. You can replenish it each time you finish a level or by picking up the squares which say "POW" and which float around after you destroy some of the more formidable enemy aircraft. You can also gain power-ups
  • Anticipation (Nintendo)

    The gameplay is similar to that of a board game, such as Pictionary. The player is represented by one of four game pieces: a pair of high heeled shoes, a horn, an ice cream cone, or a Teddy bear. As the game slowly draws a picture, the first person to buzz in and guess the correct answer moves forward on the game board. The number of spaces the player moves depends upon the number on a dice, which counts down from 6 as the picture is drawn. Once a player correctly identifies a drawing for each of the four categories on a level, that player rises to the next-higher game board level. The first player to complete every level wins the game. There are three levels on the Easy and Medium difficulty settings, and four on the Hard and Very Hard settings. From the third level on,
  • Bandai Golf Challenge Pebble Beach (Nintendo)

    Played on an 18-hole course riddled with rises, trees, patches of thick grass (called roughs), bunkers, slopes, and water hazards along the seaside, Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach is a traditional golf game for one or two players with a built-in difficulty level feature allowing you to input your handicap and choose between teeing off from the back tee or the regular tee. You must also consider the direction and speed of the wind, and depending on the club and shot you choose, control the ball's flight, direction, and spin. Add a cross-sectional and overhead view of holes with two close-up camera angles of the action when you are shooting on the greens and the player with the lowest score at the end of 18 holes wins the game.
  • Bases Loaded 2 Second Season (Nintendo)

    Everything you love about baseball has been distilled and put in BASES LOADED II: Second Season. All of the pickoffs, stolen bases, and home runs of the big leagues is yours to control. You are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the team. Use the extensive statistics to find out who is on a hot streak and who is cold as ice. Every possible stat you could imagine including biorhythms have been included. When you get out on the field, good defense and timely hitting will always win the game in BASES LOADED II: Second Season.
  • Battletank (Nintendo)

    Climb inside a tank, and blast the opposition in BATTLE TANK. After receiving your missions, you can use the Satellite Radar Map to plan your attack. When you are ready for action, you'll be placed behind the controls and will have to drive from inside the tank. Before reaching your objective, you will have to drive over diverse terrain snow, mountains, and deserts and battle a variety of enemy defenses including helicopters and other tanks. Luckily, your tank is equipped with 150mm shells, 50 caliber machine guns, smoke bombs, and wire guided missiles. Engage the enemy and keep your tank in one piece in BATTLE TANK.
  • Battletoads (Nintendo)

    Professor T. Bird and the three Battletoads, Rash, Zitz, and Pimple, are escorting Princess Angelica to her home planet using their spacecraft, the Vulture. Pimple and Angelica decide to take a leisurely trip on Pimple's flying car. They are ambushed and captured by the Dark Queen's ship, the Gargantua. Pimple sends out a distress signal to the Vulture, alerting Professor T. Bird, Rash, and Zitz that himself and Angelica had been captured. Learning that the Gargantua is hidden beneath the surface of a nearby planet called Ragnarok's World, Professor T. Bird flies Rash and Zitz there in the Vulture to rescue them.[1] Between levels, the toads receive briefing comments from Professor T. Bird, along with teasing from the Dark Queen. During the game's 13 levels, the Battletoads are faced with Dark Queen's minions Big Blag, Robo Manus and Major Slaughter as bosses, ultimately facing the Dark Queen herself at the top
  • Blades of Steel (Nintendo)

    At the beginning of the game, players can select either "Exhibition" or "Tournament" matches. An exhibition match is just one game played against either the computer or another player. Tournament matches are similar to the NHL playoffs. It starts out as one team of the player's choice going against other teams in a playoff style tournament. The team that is successful in beating all of the opposing teams is awarded the Cup.[3] Fighting in the game occurs whenever two players bump into each other three times in a row without hitting another player. The fight screen appears and the gamers take control of their players. The loser is given the penalty and sent to the penalty box (the winner is not punished), creating a power play opportunity of 5-on-4 skaters. Up to two players can be penalized, for a maximum of a 5-on-3 advantage. If a fight occurs close to one
  • Bump n Jump (Nintendo)

    You're on the road, surrounded by a pack of cars. Anything goes! Bump 'em, bash 'em, crash 'em off the road! Just make sure to do it before they bump you into the weeds. Jump over waterways and jump on cars to smash them. Watch out for obstacles in your way so that you can keep on driving.
  • Caesars Palace (Nintendo)

    Welcome to the Caesars Palace Video Game Casino, a place where you can gamble until your heart's content without losing a dime. After paying a visit to the cashier, you can tour the building and play any of five different casino games. Video Poker lets you select from $1, $5, $25 and $100 poker machines. You will be given five cards and you can replace some or all of them as you see fit. For a successful outcome, you must have a winning hand, such as a Straight or a Royal Flush. You can gamble up to five coins. In Slot Machines, there are two types of three-reel machines (one displaying fruit and one displaying sevens and cherries) and one type of four-reel (called Fountains of Fortune). Three-reel machines allow up to three payout lines (depending on how many coins you bet) while the
  • Castle quest (Nintendo)

    The object of the game is to navigate through Groken Castle to rescue Princess Margarita. The player can push certain objects throughout the game to accomplish progress. In some rooms, the prince can only advance to the next room by aligning cement blocks, Honey Jars, Candle Cakes, and Elevator Controlling Block. In some rooms, this can be quite time consuming since the prince can only open a particular door if he can stand by the door, meaning that he can not open the door while jumping in mid-air. The prince must also carry a key that matches the color of the door he intends to be open. The player can navigate the castle with the help of a map that can be obtained from the first room that he/she begins. The map will provide the player with a matrix of 10x10 rooms and will highlight the room in which the
  • Championship Bowling (Nintendo)

    Championship Bowling is a basic rendition of the sport littered with unnecessary flaws. There are four characters and a variety of ball weights to choose from, but the difference between them is little more than cosmetic. With only a limited amount of hand-eye coordination, a player should easily be able to master a steady throw, but the consistency of the results doesn't seem to mirror the consistency of the throw. Strikes are a rarity, and splits are far more commonplace than in real bowling. And although players can't bowl simultaneously, multiple controllers are inexplicably needed for more than one player.
  • Contra (Nintendo)

    Contra's simple gameplay pioneered new standards for the side-scrolling shooter genre, with eight-way directional shooting that allowed more freedom than the typical '80s shooter. Two-player cooperative play is also a huge part of why we loved (and continue to love) the game, as we still remember the co-op tactics of our youth: player one takes the spread gun, player two grabs the laser, and no one stops shooting.
  • Crash N the Boys Street Challenge (Nintendo)

    The game has four different teams to choose from, as well as a fifth computer-controlled team. Each team have five members each with their own strengths and weaknesses, making some better suited to certain events than others. Before each event, players have the opportunity to go shopping in the mall to buy power-ups for their characters. These items are paid for through the various medals that each team achieve as they progress through the challenge, but since the winner of the challenge is the team that collects the most medals overall, players must be fairly judicious in how much they spend. There are two types of events in the game: individual events (Hammer Throw and Roof Top Jumping) and head-to-head events (400 Meter Hurdles, Swimming and Fighting). In individual events, each team takes turn individually and ranking is determined by who gets the most points. The head-to-head events take place under
  • Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (Nintendo)

    You're Dash Galaxy, fearless Space Explorer. You've just landed a thousand light years from home on an alien planet filled with strange creatures, deadly force fields and dangerous pitfalls. Your Mission: to make your way through the incredible maze of rocket rooms and elevator shafts and return safely to your ship. Using your amazing athletic ability, you must enter all the rooms on each level and successfully collect everything in each room. You've only got a limited supply of oxygen, so you've got to get all the objects and make a mad dash for the door before you run out of air. Watch out for those slime-sucking aliens. They'll take your breath away. It's time to show those freaks what an earthling can do! Are you ready for the challenge? They don't call you Dash for nothing -- you can jump and run better than anyone
  • Defender of the Crown (Nintendo)

    It's medieval warfare in Defender of the Crown. You'll assume the role of one of three Saxon knights in a quest to defeat the Normans. The two knights you do not choose are your allies, but keep in mind that they also would like to become king. You can attain land for yourself via two methods, tournaments and conquests. Tournaments include jousts and morning star competitions. Most of the action occurs during conquests, however. In your battles against the Normans, you'll have to manage your funds appropriately as you attempt to build a powerful army. Once your army is together, you'll start raiding Norman castles. Both you and the Normans can move all of your troops in a single turn. When a group of Saxon soldiers encounters a group of Normans, a computer-generated battle will ensue. If you manage to win most of these
  • Desert Commander (Nintendo)

    Released in 1989 for the NES, Desert Commander is a turn based strategy game that is loosely based on the North African threat during World War 2. Taking control of either the green or blue army players must move their forces across the map to destroy their opponent’s army. The base mechanics of the game are similar to another game of the era for the NES called Conflict as well as more recent games such as Advance Wars. There are five scenarios to chose from that will vary the map size and number of units available and the player may alter their starting force before battle begins.

Showing 1–16 of 70 Result