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  • AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (Super Nintendo) SNES

    The AAAHH!!! REAL MONSTERS game is a great side-scrolling action game with cool boss levels. It involves the three main characters from the series - Ickis, Oblina and Crumb, trying to pass their Monster Mid-Term exam. So...go out and petrify someone!!  
  • Arkanoid Doh it Again (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Arkanoid: Doh it Again gives the original Arkanoid an audiovisual facelift, while keeping the sweet and simple gameplay intact; guide a tubular ship along the bottom of the screen to deflect a perpetually moving ball into enemies or blocks at the top of the screen, destroying them. Some blocks yield power-up capsules, endowing your ship with shield or laser capabilities, extra lives, lengthening it, and more. A total of 99 levels are included, with nine bosses to defeat, multiple two-player modes and an Edit Mode for creating original levels. The only thing missing is a paddle controller, somewhat hindering the control
  • BASS Masters Classic (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Billed as the most realistic fishing simulation ever to grace a console machine, Bass Masters Classic provides armchair fishermen with all of the entertainment of a day at the lake. Developed with the help of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS), this title simulates just about every imaginable detail that factors into a player's daily performance. The game is divided into several tournaments which players can compete in, including local, state, and regional levels of competition, leading up to the ultimate showdown at The Classic. The general idea behind the game is to catch as many fish as possible, trying to rack up the most pounds caught overall, because the guy with the heaviest load of bass gets the glory. All of the action takes place from a first-person point of view, and requires a lot of control on the player's part. A huge database of authentic
  • Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Be the savior of the Gotham city and help Batman fight Catwoman and Penguin in the Batman Returns video game. This single player Super Nintendo video game takes you through seven difficult yet exciting stages. Every stage in this Batman computer game includes various goons and hoods and a boss character that will require little extra effort to defect. Use your strategy and skill to save the city from the Red Triangle Circus Gang attack with the Batman Returns game. Get a thrilling experience with the incredible 3D graphics and CD-quality music of this Super Nintendo video game that will surely add excitement and fun in your game. With tons of hand-to-hand combat you can easily defeat the most brutal enemies. Make use of advanced gadgets and weapons to help batman restore peace in
  • Battle Clash (Super Nintendo) SNES

    One of the more enjoyable games designed for use with the Super Scope gun, Battle Clash has players firing a machine gun, a pulse laser, and other weapons at a variety of Standing Tanks (more commonly known as battle mechs or giant robots). The graphics are detailed, the background music blends in nicely, and gameplay requires a modicum of strategy not often seen in these types of games. Enemies' weak spots must be targeting, and certain enemies move quickly, making the game a challenge. Players can shoot off the Standing Tanks' arms and legs, minimizing the enemies' effectiveness, and the fire meter can be charged for added punch. A two-player alternating mode is available, but only in Time Trial mode.
  • Bubsy (Super Nintendo) SNES

    In the game, enemy aliens called "Woolies" intend to steal Earth's supply of yarn balls, and as Bubsy has the world's largest collection of yarn balls, he has the most at stake, and sets out to stop the Woolies and reclaim the yarn balls. The game plays as a 2D side scrolling plat former. The player must maneuver Bubsy through the levels, jumping on enemy "Woolies" while collecting stray yarnballs. The game consists of sixteen levels, and Bubsy starts off with nine lives. In general, the game's gameplay has been compared to the Sonic the Hedgehog games from the Sega Genesis era.
  • Dennis the Menace (Super Nintendo) SNES

    The blond, overall-wearing, slingshot-packing brat that is Dennis the Menace is at it again in Dennis the Menace for the Super NES. After having his Garden Society meeting spoiled by Dennis, next door neighbor and curmudgeon Mr. Wilson declares that he does not want Dennis coming around ever again. He takes this stand even though Dennis was merely trying to report that Mr. Wilson's coin collection was missing. Dennis decides to run away from home, but as he's leaving, he learns that his pal Joey and his doll-toting tagalong Margaret are missing. You must help Dennis find his friends and the coins.
  • Desert Strike Return to the Gulf (Super Nintendo) SNES

    The orders say we can afford to have a full scale war; that's why we need you. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf has one basic goal: stop the Middle East aggressor. You a skilled pilot of a Apache attack helicopter are needed to perform surgical strikes on key targets. Be careful, because the missions are more difficult then just knocking out the targets, chemical plants and Scud missiles -- you are needed to rescue MIA's, destroy radar, bomb enemy air bases, and stop oil spills. All objectives are realistic, and so are the enemies. The missions are flown over a 3D desert landscape. Watch out for the enemy bogies. Mission data, tactical maps and game information are available on the on-board computer. Enjoy the sensation of flying the Apache attack copter. The Desert Strike is in your hands... feel free to Return
  • Disney’s Aladdin (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Based on the 1992 animated film, Disney's Aladdin brings the magic of Walt Disney to your Super NES. If you'll recall from the film, Jafar, the Sultan's evil advisor, has spent years searching for Aladdin's Lamp, an artifact that holds the key to the greatest power in the world -- a genie who will grant the lamp's owner three wishes! Jafar finally locates the precious lamp in the Cave of Wonders and sends a worthless thief named Gazeem in after it. Unfortunately for Jafar, the cave, which has mouth like a tiger, rises in anger and rejects the unworthy Gazeem. The cave then decrees that "Only one who is worthy may enter. One whose rags hide a heart that is pure. A diamond in the rough..." This diamond in the rough is Aladdin, a boy who is tricked by Jafar into retrieving the lamp from the dangerous cave.
  • Disney’s The Jungle Book (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Disney's The Jungle Book for the Super NES stars Mowgli, a small boy who as a baby was left without parents deep in the jungle. Before harm could befall the youngster, a panther named Bagheera took him to a den of friendly wolves. These wolves raised and nurtured the "man cub" as one of their own. Mowgli was happy in his jungle environment until one fateful day when Shere Khan, a tiger with an intense hatred for humans, returned from a long journey. After very little debate, the wolf elders decided that Mowgli should leave for the safety of the man village. If Mowgli is going to have any chance of making it to the village in one piece, you must help him. Disney's The Jungle Book consists of 11 levels of play and five bonus rounds. As you run, jump, spring, climb and swing through the dangerous
  • F-Zero (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Like the futuristic arcade racer on which it is based, F-Zero is a one-player contest, which is a shame considering how the insertion of a two-player mode would've made this fantastic port even better than its coin-op counterpart. Still, with its high speeds, slick graphics (aided by Mode 7 effects), three levels of difficulty, and exorbitant fun factor, this launch title is a must-have title for Super NES owners. Casual fans will enjoy the simple act of racing while hardcore gamers will race for hours on end so they can save (and improve upon) their best times via battery backup. This is a highly faithful port of one of the all-time great racing games.
  • Fatal Fury Special (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Fatal Fury Special is an updated version of Fatal Fury 2 and features many of the same graphics and gameplay, although some slight changes were made to the system, including faster game speed and an all new combo system. The character roster of Fatal Fury 2 returns. The four computer-only characters from the previous game (Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, Laurence Blood, and Wolfgang Krauser) can now be controlled by the player, and three characters from the original Fatal Fury (Tung Fu Rue, Duck King, and Geese Howard) return, increasing the number of playable characters to fifteen. Ryo Sakazaki, the protagonist of Art of Fighting, appears as a hidden opponent at the end of the Single Player Mode and is playable in the home versions. Unlike the previous Fatal Fury games, Special allows the player to combine or "combo" their attacks. When an attack lands, the player will have a brief moment of
  • Jeopardy! Sports Edition (Super Nintendo) SNES

    Based on Jeopardy, the long running trivia game show hosted by Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! Sports Edition allows up to three players to compete for cash by answering sports-related questions. In each round of play, there are six categories to choose from and five questions within each category. Categories include things like Baseball Movies, Female Athletes, Football Coaches, Memorable Trades, Golf Scoring, Broken Records, Mascots, and Basketball. To answer a question, you must spell it out with your controller, pointing and clicking on letters of the alphabet. The player with the most cash at the end of Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy wins the game. Jeopardy! Sports Edition, which has more than 3,500 questions in its memory banks, features Alex Trebek's likeness and digitized voice.      
  • Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo) SNES

    The third game in the legendary Zelda series (after The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for the NES), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time for any console. The storyline, which involves rescuing Princess Zelda and seven other maidens (each locked in a away in a different dungeon), is engrossing, the Light and Dark Worlds (which you can teleport between using a Magic Mirror) are filled with secrets, traps and puzzles, the battle system is tight, and the interfacing and mapping system is convenient and easy to use. Link begins the game empty handed but will soon find a sword and shield and will eventually discover numerous other items, including many new to the series, such as the Pegasus Boots, the aforementioned mirror, and a grappling hook.
  • Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse (Super Nintendo) SNES

    One day while Mickey Mouse and his pals are playing ball in the park, Pluto runs after an errant throw. While chasing the ball, Pluto falls off a cliff and into a world of mystery and magic. Because of his love for the faithful dog, Mickey takes the plunge as well. Once inside the enchanted land, a kindly old wizard tells Mickey that Emperor Pete has taken Pluto captive. Following Pluto's tracks, Mickey must walk, run, hover, duck, and jump through six levels of giant vines, strange creatures, dangerous mountains, raging fires, and other magic-enhanced hazards in order to rescue Pluto. To help Mickey in his journey, he can jump on or throw things (including stunned creatures) at his adversaries. In addition to employing these standard methods of attack, Mickey can become a wizard, a fearless firefighter, or a mountaineer. These costume
  • Pac Attack (Super Nintendo) SNES

    A combination of Pac-Man and Tetris, Pac-Attack mixes the ghost-gobbling action of the former with the falling block puzzle aspects of the latter. Your job is to maneuver the blocks into lines so they will vanish from the screen. Ghosts also fall from the top of the playfield, getting in the way of the solid lines you are trying to form. Luckily, Pac-Man accompanies the falling blocks from time to time, allowing you to maneuver him into a position to munch the ghosts. Similar to Tetris, the Normal mode of play in Pac-Attack continues until the blocks and/or ghosts have stacked up to the top of the playfield. Each ghost Pac-Man eats adds a little gold to the Fairy Meter. When the meter is full, a fairy jumps onto the screen and throws a gold dust spell, effectively removing

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