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  • 007 NightFire (PlayStation 2)

    James Bond returns to battle evil on an international level in this follow-up to the best-selling Agent Under Fire. Developed by the same company responsible for The World Is Not Enough on the Nintendo 64, NightFire features a mixture of first-person shooting action and mission-based driving sequences from behind such sophisticated vehicles as the Aston Martin Vanquish.

    Like Agent Under Fire, NightFire includes an original storyline as Bond embarks on missions taking place in the Austrian Alps, underneath the South Pacific, and even the depths of outer space to stop a megalomaniac named Rafael Drake. Taking key elements from Bond's 40-year history in film and books, NightFire includes familiar enemies from 007's storied past as well as new characters created specifically for the game.

    Bond will once again make use of a variety of gadgets to complete his objectives, some of which can be upgraded, with missions ranging

  • 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker (PlayStation 2)

    A port of Sega's 2000 coin-op title, 18-Wheeler for PS2 has players hauling cargo across four separate routes while competing against a rival trucker. The four routes consist of New York to Key West, St. Petersburg to Dallas, Dallas to Las Vegas, and Las Vegas to San Francisco. Players race from a view inside the cab of their chosen 18-wheeler, each rated in speed, torque, and toughness, and must reach a series of checkpoints within a time limit to keep on trucking. Points are earned based on three conditions: the time it takes to reach the finish line, the amount of cargo left intact after hitting objects, and whether or not players finished ahead of their rival. Completing the route before the competition unlocks one of three mini-games where players are challenged to park in specially designated areas within a certain amount of time. Finishing the objective
  • 2 Xtreme (PlayStation)

    2Xtreme is the second edition of extreme game titles sponsored by the ESPN sports network. Based on actual events, players have lots of options to choose from. You can compete in the area of skateboarding, in-line skating, snowboarding and mountain biking. Each one has its own unique challenges and courses designed to test your skill. Because of the extreme nature of the games, you can battle it out with your opponents. You are given the option to kick and punch your foes off their bikes or skateboards so that you can take their place in the race. After all, the name of the game is to reach the victory line first. The point system has also been overhauled from the first edition. It now awards points for different styles and tricks as well as bonuses for knocking people off their transportation. In the season competition mode, you'll need
  • 300 March to Glory (PlayStation Portable) PSP

    Based on the novel by Frank Miller and the 2007 film by Zack Snyder, 300: March to Glory invites game room gladiators to slice their way through the Persian army as the king Leonidas or as the leader of the phalanx unit in the Spartan army. Gamers must navigate their 300 men through several environments as they face and defeat the Persian soldiers who greatly outnumber them. Throughout the game, players will face end-of-level bosses and the occasional angry elephant. To complete each level, gamers will wield one of three types of weapons against the enemy in the hopes of coming out victorious. Players can take up a single sword, double blades, or a spear, and then take out their competitors to earn killing currency that can upgrade weapons and fighting combos. On the battlefield, each kill increases the rage meter. Gamers can spend their rage
  • 4×4 EVO (PlayStation 2)

    Gameplay features off-road racing of over 70 licensed truck manufacturers. Modes featured in the game were a Career Mode, Online Mode, Map editor and versus mode. The career mode is the most important part of the game to feature a way to buy better trucks similar to the Gran Turismo series. The Career mode also gives the player 6 purpose built race vehicles: Chevrolet TrailBlaizer Race SUV 2WD, Dodge Dakota Race Truck 4WD, Ford F-150 Race Truck 2WD, Mitsubishi Pajero Rally 4WD, Nissan Xterra Race SUV 4WD, and the Toyota Tundra Race Truck 2WD. They cost anywhere from $350,000 up to $850,000. These are the fastest vehicles in the game. Recently, KC Vale acquired permission from Terminal Reality Incorporated to upload the game to his web server; however, the original vehicles have been removed due to an expired license.
  • A Bugs Life (PlayStation)

    You play the role of a purple ant named Flik in this free-roaming 3D game based on the 1998 computer animated movie by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Flik needs your help in saving an ant colony from an evil grasshopper named Hopper and his band of evil insects. The game is composed of five acts spanning three levels each, with twenty scenes from the movie mixed in to help further the story. As in most 3D platform games, you'll need to complete various objectives before advancing to the next level. These tasks range from finding an anthill to gliding across a riverbed canyon using only a dandelion. Throughout each level, Flik will have to battle various enemies on both the ground and in the air, including spiders, cockroaches, stink bugs, flies, beetles and grasshoppers. You'll also have to confront boss characters at the end of
  • ACDC Live Rock Band Track Pack (PlayStation 3)

    Time to coincide with the release of AC/DC's first album in more than eight years, the AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack lets gamers jam to 18 live songs from one of hard rock's most popular and enduring acts. Players can emulate the drumming of Phil Rudd, don their schoolboy outfit and shred like Angus Young on all 18 tracks, or do their best gravelly voiced impressions of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, who are represented by nine songs apiece. The hit songs include: "Hells Bells," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)," "Shoot to Thrill," "Back in Black," "Thunderstruck," "Moneytalks," "Heatseeker," "Fire Your Guns," "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be," "Jailbreak," "The Jack," "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," "High Voltage," "Whole Lotta Rosie," "T.N.T.," "Let There Be Rock," and "Highway to Hell."   DLC codes included with games may
  • Ace Combat 2 (PlayStation)

    Ace Combat 2 is the sequel to Namco's Air Combat (originally titled Ace Combat in the arcades). There are over 30 new missions designed to test your flight skills and shooting ability. While fighting it out with the computer-controlled enemy aircraft, you will have to blast into tight chambers, detonate a power plant's core, fly through city streets, and escort important figures to safety. There are plenty of new aircraft at your disposal. As you progress throughout the game, you earn money, which allows you to buy specific planes. Each plane handles differently and you must choose the craft best suited for the mission at hand. For instance, stealth missions require a fast plane, undetected by radar. Escort missions will require a plane loaded with armor and firepower. Successfully completing missions will provide access to secret levels that grant you the ability to fly top-secret planes, including the
  • Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies (PlayStation 2)

    The player takes on the role of Mobius 1, an elite fighter pilot serving in the Independent States Allied Forces' (ISAF) air arm, fighting against the Eruseans who have occupied almost all of the Usea continent after an apocalyptic event in 1999. A massive asteroid, codenamed Ulysses 1994 XF-04, struck Usea, killing 500,000 people and turning many into refugees. Erusea used this as an opportunity to occupy the continent after a prolonged military buildup. They achieve military supremacy via the superweapon Stonehenge, a megastructure battery of railguns that were originally designed to destroy asteroids but have been found to be effective against airplanes as well. This allows Erusea to dominate much of the airspace over the continent giving their military a powerful strategic advantage. Consequently, ISAF has been pushed back to the eastern coast of Usea. Between missions, a story is told through twelve interlude flashbacks, later revealed to be a
  • Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War (PlayStation 2)

    Namco's console flight sim series continues in Ace Combat 5. Set in the near future of an alternate reality, the game has players taking to the skies in one of 50 realistic, modern aircraft, to defend their fictional home country of Oesa. Teamwork is crucial in this edition of the game; players take full command of their own squadrons, and will be challenged to make on-the-spot tactical decisions that may determine the failure or success of a mission. The series' staple dogfighting is also prevalent, of course, so virtual pilots will have many opportunities to demonstrate their flying skills in the heat of battle. The game's main campaign tells its story over 30 individual missions, highlighted with cut scenes. As usual, Oesa is at odds with its longtime rival nation Yuktobania, but the appearance of an unidentified aircraft, capable of decimating an entire Tactical Fight squadron,
  • Ace Combat X Skies of Deception (PlayStation Portable) PSP

    Namco's successful flight combat series takes flight on PSP with the release of Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. While the handheld version retains the same look and core gameplay as its console predecessors, a number of new additions have been cleared for takeoff. Players will be able to choose from an assortment of licensed aircraft, including the F-14D and Tornado F3, before embarking on an all-new storyline and setting. A strategic AI system has been incorporated into the aerial action, which promises to alter mission objectives based on the player's decisions and targets during combat. The single-player campaign mode consists of a series of missions that range from escorts and surgical strikes to air support and reconnaissance. Ad-hoc wireless support is also included for up to four pilots in a choice of combat scenarios.
  • Action Bass (PlayStation)

    Fishing is usually a relaxing sport, even in video game form. Action Bass attempts to introduce people to the world of fishing, and comes in four play modes. In Challenge mode, you only get three minutes to catch a fish large enough to meet the weight requirement and place you within the top three fishermen. When you pass the first level, you'll have three other levels to defeat. Beating all four levels unlocks new lures and grants access to the Extra option. The second play mode in Action Bass is the Free mode, where you can freely fish in any of the four available areas and hone your fishing skills. Here you can discover the best spots to catch the bigger fish in less time in preparation for the Challenge mode. You also have the option of saving your fish for the Aquarium,
  • Action Man Operation Extreme (PlayStation)

    Action Man brings all of his explosive adventures to the PlayStation in ACTION MAN: Operation Extreme. Dr. X is trying to take over the world. Who can stop him? Action Man, the greatest hero of them all, that's who. Take control of Action Man in ACTION MAN: Operation Extreme, and navigate through scorching deserts and the barren wasteland of the Arctic. Control Action Man's cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and boats in the Vehicle levels, or have Action Man search for hostages and take out the bad guys in the Action stages. No matter what kind of action it is, Action Man is always ready to get the job done. Help him stop the schemes of Dr. X and save the world in ACTION MAN: Operation Extreme.
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Iron & Blood Warriors of Ravenloft (PlayStation)

    Iron & Blood is a 3D fighter based on Ravenloft, a fantasy horror setting in the world of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Strahd von Zarovich, vampire lord, and Lord Soth, deathknight, and constantly scheming and plotting against one another, and a party of heroes has become caught up in their power struggles. This group of adventurers must face off against the most malicious and evil monsters and villains the land has to offer if they are to survive and find their way back home. At the beginning of the game, players must choose from a pool of characters that includes the forces of good and evil. Paladins, wizards, warriors, assassins, were-creatures and more can be chosen from. Once they've got a character picked, they must face off against a series of opponents in one on one matches to the death. During the matches, which take place in closed off
  • Aeon Flux (PlayStation 2)

    Set in a distant, dystopian future, this third-person action game puts players in the title role of the silent, svelte, scantily clothed super-spy. Released concurrently with the 2005 live-action feature film, and inspired by Peter Chung's action-packed animated shorts, the game takes place in a time where disease has killed all but a city's worth of the world's population. This city is called Bregna, and its totalitarian government is rife with corruption and conspiracy. The mysterious Aeon Flux embarks on covert operations to expose and eliminate such injustice, as a top agent in the underground "Monican Rebellion." Although by following the narrative of the movie, the game offers a more coherent plot than the series of shorts first featured in MTV's early '90s Liquid Television, its storyline may still keep players guessing to the end. The game was developed by Terminal Reality, known for its own
  • Afro Samurai (PlayStation 3)

    Takashi Okazaki's brutal anti-hero hacks and slashes for Justice on HD consoles. Afro Samurai is a man driven by revenge, stopping at nothing in his quest to slay the one who murdered his father and then claim the Number One headband as his own, with all the glory and power it bestows. Players take the role of Afro to battle through scenes of swordplay and special effects, in a flowing, third-person action style. The look of the game resembles a finely drawn cartoon, with detailed, outlined characters against backdrops that give the appearance of a watercolor and ink painting. The game is based directly on the anime adventures of the vengeful swordsman. It features the voice of Samuel L. Jackson as Afro and an original, hip-hop soundtrack composed by The RZA. DLC codes included with games may no longer be valid

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