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  • ESPN National Hockey Night (Sega CD)

    Play as your favorite of 1994's 26 NHL teams on its road to the Stanley Cup in ESPN National Hockey Night. ESPN's announcer Bob Clement chimes in with occasional comments after big hits and goals, often accompanied by actual footage from NHL games. The game is also endorsed by the NHLPA, so all of 1994's players are included with their teams of that year. You can take out Mario Lemieux with Eric Lindros or even block a Wayne Gretzky shot with Eddie Belfour. The game features such options as play mode (exhibition, challenge, playoffs, or season), view (side or vertical), difficulty (beginner, amateur, or professional), penalties, game length, line changes, and video (frequent, infrequent, or off). Before each game, you can view how the teams stack up against each other or switch up your line-up.
  • Lethal Enforcers II Gun Fighters (Sega CD)

    This shooter game brings captures the arcade version better than ever. With super digitized graphics, better character movement, and awesome CD quality music and effects, you'll be in the center of the action as Sheriff of this small Wild West town. The five levels are the bank robbery, the stagecoach holdup, the saloon showdown, the train robbery, and the hideout. Earn bonus stages and shoot out bottles lined up or have a showdown at sunset. You're armed with more than just a six-shooter; you also have a shotgun, a Gatling gun, a 12 round rifle, and even a cannon to prove your point. Your biggest challenge here is to survive; you have to be a quick draw and a straight shot to do that.
  • Sewer Shark (Sega CD)

    It's your first day on the job as a sewer cleaner, and you think you're all ready to head on in and start blasting out the mutated scum that make their home in the sanitation system. But that was before you met your on-the-edge co-pilot, Ghost - an in-your-face fellow who wants a vacation to Solar City and "a million pounds of tubesteak!" After a fellow pilot fails to report in, it looks like there's something amiss deep in the sewer tunnels - so it's up to you and Ghost to find out what. It's not going to be easy, though, and that's why you've got Catfish, a floating droid who shouts out directions as you fly through the underground rivers of sludge. Can you make it alive to Solar City in this full-motion video adventure? Or, as Ghost puts it, will they be

Show all 3 Result