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  • Blue Stinger (Sega Dreamcast)

    The Dreamcast's first survival horror game stars a protagonist who finds himself shipwrecked on an island populated by hideously disfigured creatures. To fend off the enemies, Eliot Ballade can switch between long- and short-ranged weapons, from a crossbow to a club. A second playable character, Dogs Bower, becomes available as you progress. While Dogs is slow and can only carry one weapon type, he is stronger than Eliot and can defend against enemy attacks. Eliot also carries a portable terminal that allows him to communicate with an island security expert named Janine King. Accessing the terminal has the added benefits of allowing you to switch weapons and examine a map of the surrounding area. Embark on optional side-missions to earn additional items and weapons, or concentrate on solving the mystery of the island, as you journey through seven areas and 230 locations. Blue Stinger supports the Jump
  • NFL 2K (Sega Dreamcast)

    Released three days before the start of the 1999 NFL season, Sega Sports' NFL 2K attempts to offer a level of graphic realism that surpasses all previous console football games. A high-resolution 3D engine allows users to witness such minute details as a player's breath on cold days, individual tattoos on arms, and fields that gradually deteriorate during the course of a game. Developer Visual Concepts used two-man motion capture sessions to deliver realistic looking tackles and a physics-based collision system to determine how quickly a player goes down after taking a hit. This means your ball carrier can break free from weak leg tackles and defenders will often need help to neutralize star running backs like Terrell Davis. The developer also maintains the action never falls below 60 frames per second to allow for smooth, seamless animation without pauses or hiccups during play. NFL 2K utilizes a
  • NHL 2K (Sega Dreamcast)

    NHL 2K is the inaugural hockey game for the Sega Dreamcast from the folks at Black Box and Sega Sports. It delivers all the players and teams (28) representing the six divisions and two conferences from the 1999-2000 NHL season. The game is complete with authentic jerseys, equipment, 29 3D arenas and over 800 unique player faces. The players are composed of 1500 polygons each and there are over 700 different motion-captured moves (including over 100 for goalies alone) to convey the action to gamers. Also included are little touches such as sprays of ice every time a skater comes to a stop and animated fans and coaches when the action moves to the sideboards. Users can customize plays and players as well. Professional commentators Bob Cole and Harry Neal, both formerly of the television show Hockey Night in Canada, top everything off with over 12,000 play-by-play
  • PlanetWeb Web Browser 2.0 (Sega Dreamcast)

    An update to the browsing software made for allowing the Sega Dreamcast system access to the internet, this application by Planetweb and Sega was included with the system. The software was also used to connect Dreamcast gamers in online games.
  • Power Stone (Sega Dreamcast)

    The spirit of adventure is what draws eight young warriors on a quest to find mystical jewels called Power Stones. It is said these fabled gems will grant the wishes of anyone who holds them, and legend has it the stones may even cause startling transformations. Despite the possible danger involved, some have already decided to travel the world to find them. The intrepid adventurers are as follows: the English pilot Falcon (known as Fokker in the Japanese version); the gypsy Rouge; martial-artist Wang Tang; master swordsman Ryoma; agile ninja Ayame; miner Gunrock; Native American Galuda; and the mysterious Jack. One of these characters will be able to find the Power Stones and wield incredible power, but only after battling the others for the right to own them. These gems are far too valuable to lose without a fight... Ported from Capcom's Naomi-based coin-op, Power Stone is a
  • Shenmue (Sega Dreamcast)

    Created by Yu Suzuki, Shenmue takes players into a 3D world set in 1986 Japan. Sega calls the game F.R.E.E., which stands for "Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment." By Sega's definition, F.R.E.E. means that you can "Go wherever you want to go, see whatever you want to see, investigate whatever you want to investigate." As the game opens, players witness the death of Iwao Hazuki at the hands of Lan Di. Lan Di and his thugs retrieve the mirror they had been searching for and then leave. Players assume the role of Ryo Hazuki, Iwao's son, and set out to unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of his father. Gameplay allows users to walk around three main areas: the towns of Yokosuka and Dobuita, and a harbor. Each area is complete with people going about their daily lives who Ryo can converse with through the push of a button.
  • Virtua Tennis (Sega Dreamcast)

    In Virtua Tennis, the player will face off against a number of pro tennis stars in an all-out battle for supremacy. The cast, ranging from Carlos Moya to Tommy Hass, includes the best in the world of tennis. Sega has attempted to faithfully reproduce each character in digital form, as even the individual facial features are included in the game. In short, you should be able to recognize your favorite player by sight alone. Virtua Tennis is designed in a simplistic manner. Only two buttons control the action. One initiates the backhand and forehand strokes, while the other controls lobs. Shots can be aimed by using the analog stick. It may not be as easy as it sounds, however. The court also affects gameplay; after all, a ball bounces differently on grass and carpet than on clay. A number of modes are available in Virtua Tennis. Initially, the
  • Zombie Revenge (Sega Dreamcast)

    A new chapter in Sega's popular The House of the Dead series, Zombie Revenge raises the undead from their graves once again, and it's up to you to put them back to sleep... permanently. The detailed 3D graphics, not unlike those found in the Arcade version, immerse gamers in the cinematic locations as they battle the less-than-festive parade of maniacal mutants. Zombie Revenge is hauntingly similar to the coin-op game, but with exclusive added features, including new modes and mini-games. Zombie Revenge's action starts in the town of Woodside City, where a secret government experiment to turn the undead into soldiers has gone awry. To remedy this horrific situation, you assume the role of one of three characters -- Stick Breitling, Linda Rotta or Rikiya Busujima. They can single-handedly punch, kick and shoot their way through hordes of zombies or opt to tag team the enemy with a

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