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  • After Burner (Sega Master)

    After Burner is a home port of the arcade hit. You play the part of a Navy air captain known as "The Ace." Players pilot an F-14 Thunder Cat capable of Mach 2 and equipped with a targeting computer, missiles, and a Vulcan 20mm cannon. The enemy plans on taking over the world, and they have a strategy to make it work. Their plan is divided into two parts and has been hidden in various parts of their country. Those plans have been located by Naval Intelligence, and they need you to retrieve them. Enemies you will encounter include jets, helicopters, and flying fortresses (extremely large jets). From a third-person, behind-the-jet view, players can maneuver up, down, left, and right, as well as perform barrel rolls. A total of 18 stages must be completed in order to win the game. Three lives are provided from the start, and
  • Black Belt (Sega Master)

    Black Belt is in many ways a typical side-view-perspective-save-your-girlfriend karate game. Players punch, kick and jump through six repetitive chapters of punks, sumo wrestlers and other enemies, including bosses. Chapters have a 99 second time limit, and power-ups can be snatched out of the air for invincibility, extra lives and other perks. However, despite a certain lack of originality, the game is challenging and a lot of fun. Players must survive a constant onslaught of enemies, and power-ups are tricky to jump up and grab since enemies are usually underfoot. Also, the game offers a number of audio/visual delights, including detailed oriental backgrounds and enemies that break into pieces (accompanied by matching sound effects) when hit.          
  • Choplifter (Sega Master)

    Man a chopper in the nation's top action adventure. Pockets of international hostages are trapped. All across the world. In the Middle East. In the South Seas. And in a secret base somewhere in a cavern. You man a helicopter rescue team. And your job is to take your helicopter down, rescue the hostages and fly them back to safety. All the while dodging and destroying dangerous enemy fire. An action-packed helicopter game at its best!          
  • Hang On and Safari Hunt (Sega Master)

    Hang On & Safari Hunt is a "combo cartridge" that was the original pack-in title with the Sega Master System console. A solid, no-frills port of Sega's arcade racer from 1985, Hang On is a fun (if repetitive) motorcycle game that Pole Position fans will enjoy. The first game to use the Sega Light Phaser, Safari Hunt is the Master System's answer to Nintendo's Duck Hunt, but with more shooting, more detailed scenery, and a wider variety of targets, including armadillos, bears, and panthers.          
  • Our Run (Sega Master)

    High action road racing adventure. Tests your driving technique, speed and distance traveled over a rich variety of courses. Race at top speed towards the finish line. Enjoy such realistic features as acceleration, lane changes, diversified terrain, sudden curves, and much more.          
  • Rambo First Blood Part II (Sega Master)

    Rambo: First Blood Part II is loosely based on the movie of the same name. You and a friend can team up and play the parts of Rambo and his partner Zane (Zane was created for the game, he does not appear in the movie). Deep within enemy territory your objective is to rescue your fellow countrymen who are being held captive in concentration camps. Equipped with an M-60 and arrow-bombs, blast your way through six levels of play. Enemies, including snipers, soldiers, rocket launchers, and a number of others, will constantly try to eliminate you.          

Show all 6 Result