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  • Fast & Furious (DVD)

    This fourth entry in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise reunites the original stars: Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and of course the bad dude himself, Vin Diesel. Needless to say, there's going to be a lot of speed and demolition, especially in the fantastic opening truck hijack executed at amazing speeds by Dominic (Diesel) and his sexy partner in crime, Letty (Rodriguez). When Letty gets killed, it's revenge time, with the path of the bad guy leading Dominic back across the border to Los Angeles (where he's still wanted by the law) and into a high-stakes street race in which he's teamed up with his old nemesis, undercover fed Brian O'Conner (Walker). As in the original, Brewster makes a foxy love interest for Walker (she's Dom's kid sister), but there's not much time for kissing: there's races to be won, huge accidents to cause, and shady smuggling plots
  • Final Fantasy IX Official Strategy Guide

    Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation) The last of the Final Fantasy series to appear on the Sony Playstation, this game has the usual exploration, a wide variety of towns, and an array of mini-games that rivals any of the previous entries in the series including QuadMist, a revamped version of the card game Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII. There are four character parties in battle with the usual assortment of attacks, spells, and abilities, as well as the limit break system. The summon spells are also available but with an option to shorten them so it does not take forever to do them. Also, in Final Fantasy IX, there is the “Item-CreationEsystem, which makes use of ability crystals to build up the character’s powers without allowing them to become omnipotent.
  • Final Fantasy X Official Strategy Guide

    Final Fantasy X Official Strategy Guide by Brady Games BradyGames FINAL FANTASY X Official Strategy Guide contains a comprehensive walkthrough with detailed strategy to steer you in the right direction, complete with unbeatable strategy, and without plot spoilers! The unstoppable boss strategy provides powerful tactics to topple every boss in the game! Secrets revealed to unlock every character's legendary weapon. Every side quest and mini-game uncovered to help you become the ultimate blitzer! All-inclusive bestiary lets you discover the strengths and weaknesses of every fiend in the game and the spoils rewarded for defeating them. Game secrets include secret world map locations and airship passwords. Plus, area maps, detailed item, weapon, and armor inventories are also included! This Signature Series guide combines quality design and innovative content, serving as the ultimate FINAL FANTASY X resource. Some of the features in this guide include a special cover treatment, exclusive interviews, and an exclusive
  • Final Fantasy X2 Official Strategy Guide

    Final Fantasy X-2 Offical Strategy Guide by Brady Games BradyGames' FINAL FANTASY X-2 Official Strategy Guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough, which shows how to complete every mission and trigger every scene. The guide also features complete abilities lists for all 17 dresspheres and special dresspheres. The abilities and status bonuses for all 60 Garment Grids are also revealed in this detailed section. All-inclusive bestiary uncovers everything gamers need to know about each fiend--strengths, weaknesses, and immunities, plus the items that can be stolen or attained by defeating these enemies. Extensive mini-game coverage and a flowchart that reveals every gameplay decision and its end result, so that players can master 100% of the game! Top notch boss strategy, area maps, accessory and item inventories, and much more! This Signature Series guide also features a special, two-sided poster with expanded coverage of the Alchemist, Lady Luck, and Gun Mage dresspheres.
    • Paperback
    • 272 Pages
  • Gladius Official Strategy Guide

    Gladius Official Strategy Guide ·Complete walkthrough for both characters ·All side quests revealed ·Complete appendix with all weapons and items, including the secret ones ·Detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of all character classes ·Every skill covered in detail ·Expert tactics to defeat any enemy    
  • God of War Official Strategy Guide

    God of War Official Strategy Guide Find all of the treasure chests maps and know every enemy’s strengths and weaknesses in the God of War Strategy Guide. Includes classic mythology history and facts related to the God of War story. Also includes a God of War behind the scenes DVD. Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Mad — Euripides, 480 - 406 B.C.
    • All treasures chests revealed Maps of every level
    • Extensive Art collection with developer commentary
    • Challenge of the Gods, secret costumes, and more
    • Classic Mythology history and factoids
    • Every foe's strengths & weaknesses revealed
    • Exclusive DVD with Gof of War behind-the-scenes features, strategy, and more!
  • NASCAR Racing 2 (PC)

    Enter the world of crashes, pit crews, and checkered flags in NASCAR Racing 2. Take the role of Dale Earnhardt, Terry Labonte, or another driver from the 1996 season and race through 16 real-life tracks including Atlanta Motor Speedway, Pocono Raceway, and Michigan International Speedway as you strive to become leader of the pack. Take advice from the crew chief and spotter who will let you know about upcoming problems in the car or on the track. Designed for fast and easy play, "Arcade" mode allows you to jump right in and burn rubber, while multiplayer options include going head to head with a friend through a modem, or go against up to eight friends through IPX network play. The game also features adjustable car physics that are intended to mimic actual NASCAR approved vehicles. X-Wings VS TIE Fighter.
  • Sims House Party Expansion Pack (PC)

    This is the second official expansion for Maxis' wildly successful life-simulation game, The Sims. As suggested by the title, many of the enhancements offered in this expansion pack involve the ability to throw large parties for the Sims. New features make it easier to invite the entire neighborhood to a party at once, or even to help them all quickly change into appropriate costumes for theme parties. The expansion also offers hundreds of new items with which the Sims can interact, whether they are crowded in an industrial storage room for an underground rave, visiting the neighbors' backyard for their bi-monthly luau, tossing back a few shots at the rustic western bar, or safe in the (relative) privacy of their own abodes.
  • Sims Unleashed Expansion Pack (PC)

    It's reigning cats and dogs on the nation's most popular home computer game. Ever since the February 2000 launch of the best-selling people simulator, many fans longed to acquire pets for their Sims. This wish is fulfilled with the 2002 release of The Sims: Unleashed expansion pack. While a few animals have been available previously, such as the aquarium fish or the infamous guinea pig, the majority of interaction with these pets comes in cleaning their cages. Unleashed is designed to offer truly lively animal friends, however, with all the fun and responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Sims can teach their puppy where to "go," or hire the Pet Trainer character to help with housebreaking. The local Pet Show is the place to display prized animals and impress the judges with obedience, temperament, and tricks. Pets also provide a new way for Sims to make new
  • Sims Vacation Expansion Pack (PC)

    A snowy alpine setting, a Riviera-style beach, a peaceful forest campground -- this island resort has it all. The Sims go on vacation in the fourth add-on package for Maxis' hugely popular "people simulator." Sim families can enjoy dozens of new activities on an inviting vacation island, free from the drudgery of the daily grind. Drop a fishing line, try a little snowboarding, or just relax by the beach. Don't forget to do some souvenir shopping before its time to go back home. No matter what their personality traits, Sims of all sorts can find fun and excitement in The Sims: Vacation Expansion Pack. As in the successful The Sims: Hot Date Expansion, this add-on allows routine-weary Sims to escape the confines of their suburban neighborhoods and visit entirely different locations full of new activities, objects, and opportunities for social interaction. As Hot Date introduced "the Jock"
  • Spyro the Dragon Official Strategy Guide

    Spyro the Dragon Prima's Official Strategy Guide Poor Spyro. All of his friends have been frozen by an evildoer who thinks that dragons should be locked in a crystal state. This fire-breathing dragon will go to the end of the world, er, make that 6 worlds, to liberate his friends. Get Spyro the Dragon: Prima's Official Strategy Guide to learn how to run, jump, and head-charge through all 30 levels and rescue Spyro's friends. You'll also get:
    • Complete glide-through of all six worlds.
    • Lessons from the Council of Dragons.
    • Hot hints on beating the baddies.
    • Location of every dragon.
    • All 12 dragon eggs revealed.
    • Secret Loot area revealed.
    • Paperback, 112 Pages.
  • STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Official Strategy Guide

    BradyGames' STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Official Strategy Guide features an exhaustive walkthrough including detailed maps. In-depth coverage of all mini-games. Character bios and comprehensive bestiary. Expert tactics for the new Versus Mode. Accessory and item inventories and much more! 352 pages
  • Star Wars X Wing Collectors CD (PC)

    Fly over 120 deep space and Death Star surface missions against the Empire. Fly X-wings, Y-Wings and B-Wings. Full voice mission briefings with over 1000 spoken lines. Dog fighting, hi and run raids, treacherous escort missions, all in the authentic Star Wars Galaxy. BONUS 14 missions from X-Wings VS TIE Fighter.
  • Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide

    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide Over 60 comprehensive maps exploding with information Vicious creatures list, complete with swift kill tactics Blood-shedding walkthroughs Crucial locations of all hidden switches Explosive weapon tactics, from using your mine gun to sniping Calculated schemes for defeating all bosses Mind-blowing deathmatch strategy for every character and mode    
  • Vagrant Story Official Strategy Guide

    Vagrant Story Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames The Mullenkamp Cult has abducted the young son of Duke Bardorba, and now holds him deep within the haunted ruins of what was once the mightiest city on earth. As Ashley Riot, your mission is to infiltrate Lea Monde and uncover the truth behind the young heir's abduction. You must find the secret behind the ancient power of Lea Monde! Standing in your path is an army of the Cardinal's Knights, led by a determined zealot. Mullenkamp Cult leader Sydney Losstarot has summoned hundreds of mythic titans to make matters worse. You'll need the skills of a true "Riskbreaker" to survive! The truth lies hidden in the city of evil... This guide includes:
    • Complete Walkthrough.
    • Clear game tips and strategies.
    • Weapon, item, and spell lists.
    • Detailed area maps.
    • Paperback
    • 173 Pages
  • Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Trail (PC)

    You are trapped behind enemy lines and must hold out until the bitter end.  You have called in ground and air support but will it get to you in time?  Stop the Viet Cong advancement along the trail at all costs! Prepare for an outrage with non-stop action.  Are you ready?Product Features Arm yourself for non-stop action through 60 heart-pounding missions. Call in howitzer bombardments and napalm strikes to immobilize the enemy in a sea of flames. Prepare for an all-out firefight against a raging onslaught of enemy troops tanks and artillery storms. Survive Viet Cong ambushes using your pistol M-16 rifle mini-gun or mortar. Your survival depends on ammo drops form UH1 helicopters - watch their backs or lose your lifeline. 

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