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  • SOCOM 2 US Navy SEALs (PlayStation 2)

    Sony's first online game for PlayStation 2 to require a broadband connection receives a sequel with the release of SOCOM II, offering more multiplayer modes, new single-player missions, more weapons, and a number of other added features. Players will lead their four-man team of SEALs on a series of 12 single-player missions that will take them across the globe to such destinations as Albania, Brazil, Russia, and Algeria. Instead of focusing on real-world events, the developers opted instead for fictitious terrorist scenarios that would be plausible given 2003's political climate. A player's overall success in a mission helps influence the challenge level of subsequent operations, since enemy forces have a finite number of specialists working for them. Thus, eliminating a specific number of units in one particular mission means players may encounter less resistance on later missions. Completing secondary
  • SOCOM 3 US Navy SEALs (PlayStation 2)

    Experience life-like struggles on the battlefield with the SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy Seals action game. Like its predecessors, in this Sony PlayStation 2 video game you take up the role of a squad leader of a four-man team of Navy SEALs that traverses through various regions from North Africa to South Asia, rescuing hostages, destroying hostile forces and detecting enemies. Featuring more than 900 weapon combinations, this Sony PlayStation 2 video game has an arsenal with everything from submachine guns, silenced guns, explosives, and rifles, thus giving you a number of options to eliminate your opponent. What’s more, this Sony PlayStation 2 video game enables you to avail various vehicles including tanks, humvees, machine gun-mounted buggies, trucks and much more. If you are still not satisfied, the SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy Seals has a 32-player online mode that makes the action all
  • SOCOM US Navy SEALs (PlayStation 2)

    The dangerous life of an elite Navy SEAL commander is the subject of this squad-based shooter, the first PlayStation 2 game requiring a broadband connection to play online. Single players will lead their four-man team on a series of 12 missions, ranging from ambushes to hostage rescue attempts, as they engage terrorists throughout such real-world locales as Thailand, Congo, and Turkmenistan. The game was developed in conjunction with Naval Special Warfare Command to breathe some accuracy into the objectives and tactical maneuvers players experience while advancing through the campaign. The four SEALS comprising the team work together in two pairs: Able Element and Bravo Element. The advantage to this scheme is that Bravo Element can be sent to different waypoints on the tactical map, viewable at any time during play, to complete certain objectives or to rendezvous at key locations. Each player's partner must remain close to
  • SOCOM US Navy SEALs Combined Assault (PlayStation 2)

    The fourth entry in Sony's Navy SEAL shooter series on PlayStation 2 features four-player cooperative play, new vehicles and weapons, and the ability to share data with the PSP's Fireteam Bravo 2. Players will embark on a global campaign against terrorist forces in both urban and rural settings. For the first time in the series, the campaign can be enjoyed online with up to four players working together as a team. Campaign missions can also be revisited with a variety of user-defined parameters and victory conditions, enhancing the game's replay value. Vehicles include a choice of recon, support, and armor classes, while non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and pepper spray are available for stealth operations. The competitive multiplayer modes in Combined Assault are identical to SOCOM 3's, featuring all of its predecessor's maps, patches, and updates released since 2005. New 32-player maps have been added to
  • SOCOM US Navy SEALs Confrontation (PlayStation 3)

    Sony's squad-based shooter series makes its debut appearance on the PS3 with online-only action for up to 32 players in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs -- Confrontation. Tactic-loving gamers can battle in five North African themed maps, with each map supporting seven different game modes including tournaments and clan ladders. The game boasts of advanced physics, ballistics, and highly destructible environments, and players can customize their soldier's appearance by manipulating physical and facial characteristics. Gamers can participate in quick local battles using the advanced player-matching feature, or team up with the best their continent has to offer and take on worldwide opponents in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. DLC codes included with games may no longer be valid.

Show all 5 Result